Recovering coding addict from England

Paragon HDX

Paragon HDX is a company that works in delivery solutions domain. They had a mid sized team at the time I was present, with lots of Junior level staff getting hired. A lot of my time in Paragon HDX went into improving their software practices and making sure the software was secure and well maintained.


  • Write functional & technical specifications for new features
  • Implement, develop and test new features
  • Create automated tests (integration + e2e tests)
  • Streamline existing practices in the company (code reviews, branching strategies, security etc.)
  • Assist junior members of the team with their day to day tasks
  • Run training sessions to train staff (related to development practices)
  • Lead a few day long penetration test session every quarter


  • Created coding standards for the company and pushed for code reviews to be introduced into the team
  • Moved different the company's code into GIT and implemented Gitflow strategy
  • Lead a project year long project that allowed the company make it's biggest product work on all browsers (before this project it only ran on IE6)
  • Ran training session for the staff on numerous things (the new coding standards, how to write effectivre and secure code & GIT)

Main Technologies

* Chart indicates the amount of time spent with these technologies, while at this position.

Other Technologies

jQuery.NET Framework.NET CoreAzure DevOpsTFSMonolithsSOAPSQL ServerGITVisual BasicOWASP Top 10